Prepare for Lift Off!

Posted by michelep

In the last post I gave you a list of tips and tricks to use to make Word of Mouth (WOM) work for your business. Hopefully you found which ones are the best fit for your company, products and target customers, so you can put them to work in your Word of Mouth campaign.

Today we are going to wrap up this topic on Word of Mouth, and provide you with specific steps to create a WOM marketing campaign.

Let’s take a look at those steps:

  1. Seed the market. Find a way to get your product into the hands of key influencers.
  2. Provide a channel for the influencers to talk and get all fired up about your product.
  3. Offer lots of testimonials and other resources.
  4. Form an ongoing group that meets once a year in person and once a month by teleconference.
  5. Create fun events to bring users together and invite non-users.
  6. Develop videos for your website featuring product demos and enthusiastic customers talking with other enthusiastic customers.
  7. Hold engaging seminars and workshops.
  8. Create a club with membership benefits.
  9. Pass out flyers.
  10. Tell friends and family.
  11. Offer special incentives and discounts for friends who tell their friends.
  12. Put the Internet to work.
  13. Do at least one outrageous thing to generate WOM.
  14. Empower employees to go the extra mile.
  15. Encourage networking and brainstorm ideas.
  16. Run special promotions.
  17. Encourage referrals with the use of a strong referral program.
  18. Use a script to tell people exactly what to say in their WOM communication.

These are all great ways you can spread the word about your products and services. Before you can release your Word of Mouth campaign out into the world, you need to ensure that you’ve covered all the essentials.

Here’s your WOM campaign checklist:

  1. Are all of your communications sending the same simple message? If it doesn’t create word of mouth, it’s not a captivating story.
  2. Is your product positioned as part of a category?
  3. Are your examples miraculous enough to be shared?
  4. Do you enhance your materials with success stories from real people?
  5. Are you using experts effectively and in an objective manner?
  6. Have you created mechanisms so people can follow up on the WOM they hear, as well as simple ways of inquiring or ordering?
  7. Have you made the decision process easy for customers?
  8. Have you created events and mechanisms so that once a year your prospects hear about your product, and it is easier to try or buy?

These are all essential elements to take keep in mind when finalizing your word of mouth campaign. I hope you’ve found this series on WOM to be a helpful resource and are getting ready to put it into action for your own products and services.

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